Daa Guun Sande
“The Ones Who Are Bringing You Up”

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We focus on the Strengths of each Family ~ such as, capacities, actions, talents, potential and gifts in each family member. These strengths are used to help family members and others in the community successfully navigate life situations.  These strengths are encouraged and used to work toward the family vision.  Family voice and choice is the Family Support Group’s Motto!  Family and youth/child perspectives are intentionally prioritized during all phases of the Family planning and development.  Planning is grounded in the family’s members’ perspectives, and the team strives to provide options and choices that reflect family values and preferences.

Daa Guun Sande maintains to be Family Driven.  Parent Meetings and Family Nights are held on a monthly bases to encourage family wellness and healthy communication.  

Positive Indian Parenting Classes are also provided.

Family vision, meetings, and activities are all culturally appropriate to the specific family needs and preferences.