System of care helps parents and caregivers address the mental health needs of their children and youth while managing the demands of day-to-day living.  Adequately meeting these needs requires multiple strategies and agencies.  Some of the types of services that system of care coordinates may include:

    •    Care Plan coordination
    •    Care management ensures that planned services and supports are delivered and continue to help children, youth, and families                 move through the system as their needs change.
    •    Child, youth and family-serving agencies establish partnerships to coordinate services and supports.
    •    System of care includes evidence-based treatments and interventions.
    •    All services and supports are selected and designed in ways that are responsive to specific family beliefs, traditions, values,                     culture, and language.
    •    System of care is accountable for evaluating the outcomes of services for children, youth, and families.

What is Wrap-Around?

​Wrap-Around involves setting goals created by the child or youth in the family.  The goals can be just about anything!  Goals like; getting better grades or higher attendance in school, addressing behavior, coping with trauma, overcoming addiction, building character, finding new services, and many more!

The process involves a team, chosen by the youth, and the team coordinates and supports the child to the fullest!  The team members can also be anyone! The youth can choose:  mom, grandma, grandpa, teacher, coach, friend(s), uncle, and church members, anyone the child feels comfortable with.  Together the team members guide the youth through the services that will help them achieve their goals!